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“5 Ways to Help Employees Make the Best Use of Benefits”

Better your employee experience. Check out this great read from Entrepreneur:

“In the ongoing war for talent, more employers are looking to benefits as a new way to attract and retain great employees.

In fact, 41 percent of 2,595 employers, surveyed by MetLife earlier this year, ranked retention as the top objective of their employee benefits program, in the company’s 13th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study.

Yet, benefits participation is not as great as it could be. The 2015 Aflac Open Enrollment Survey found that workers spend 10 times more effort on vacation planning and eight times more on selecting a computer than on choosing benefits.

What’s more, more than half (56 percent) devote 30 minutes or less when signing up for healthcare benefits. That means a good number of employees aren’t taking full advantage of the offerings employers have.

Here are some ways employers can encourage benefits participation:”

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